Choosing Your Lighting Package? Let us Help!

One of the most exciting parts of building your dream home is having the chance to explore your own unique style and using your new place to express that style.  From traditional to modern and everything in between, the great staff at Richardson Lighting will work with you to ensure your ideas and plans come to life. If they don’t have something you like they will find what you’re looking for and order it.  Although, judging by their showroom I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding something amazing that you will love!

We interviewed the staff at Richardson Lighting and they’ve outlined the key factors to consider when choosing your lighting package:

Budget: Budget, budget, budget. This may be one of the most important factors to consider.  Once you’ve established the price frame you would like to stick within you will have a much more enjoyable time choosing your lighting.  Knowing your budget ahead of time allows your salesperson to point you in the area you need to go.  There are many great lighting options at all different price points so you don’t have to worry about selection; however, knowing your budget going into your appointment will save you the disappointment of falling in love with a fixture that’s out of the question.


Room Dimensions / Ceiling Height: This is another major point to consider.  Knowing your room dimensions and ceiling height will allow the staff to help you choose fixtures that are going to accent your space and not look out of place.  We do not want you to go through the selection process and have the lighting package installed and realize it doesn’t work in the space you have.  Talk about a disappointment after going through all your hard work of choosing the fixtures and then having them not fit nicely in your space!


Electrical Plan / Blueprint: The placement of the outlets/ fixtures for all the electrical items in your home can have a significant impact on the overall design of your home. It’s a good idea to iron out all the fine details on fixture and outlet placement before choosing your lighting.

Style: Because lighting fixtures have come such a long way over the years there is an unlimited range of shapes, colours and styles available to you.  If you’re able to nail down the style you are going for you will be better equipped to have a successful shopping experience.  Don’t get me wrong, you can always change your mind on the style you are attracted to but going into your appointment knowing what style you are drawn to will help in the process. Whether that be a traditional look or a modern look, having something in mind will help narrow the options.

The staff at Richardson Lighting understand that the process of building a new home can be overwhelming and stressful at times; however, they are there to help and guide you through this important part of your design.  They are experienced, knowledgeable and professional. We highly recommend you go see them at the corner of 7th Avenue and Scarth Street in Regina when completing your reno or putting the finishes touches on your new home!

You can visit Richardson Lighting here! Happy Shopping!

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