Well this past year has flown by just like the last! We are ending the year on an extremely high note and we have our employees, contractors, suppliers, business associates, clients and tenants to thank for that! We were able to accomplish a lot in 2016 and we don’t just mean construction-wise.  We’ve grown a lot as a team and had the opportunity to meet and work alongside some amazing people.  Every single day we are thankful for the opportunities we are given.  We understand the impact that our business has and can have on the local community and we strive every day to make that impact positive.

If you’re anything like us you struggle each and every year on what to do for NYE. With so many options and the weather not always being cooperative heading out in a LBD may seem less than desirable!  Rest assured we’ve done the work and research for you! There are many options from family friendly activities to fireworks to gala events in the YQR area for you to enjoy. Take a peak at the endless options here!

Happy New Year from all of us here at Avana Homes!


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