30th Annual Z99 Radiothon

That time of year has rolled around again where many organizations and groups put their best foot forward to help raise as much as they can for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at the Regina General Hospital.

NICU is an intensive care unit which specializes in the care of ill or premature newborn infants.  Typically infants will require NICU care because they are born premature, have complications during or after birth, have respiratory distress, need treatments for infections, require surgery or have cardiac problems.  Some babies are lucky enough to only have to spend a few hours in NICU, some spend months receiving specialized care and some never get to leave with their families.

We all have someone within arms reach that have had to receive care in NICU and let me tell you it can be a roller coast of a ride with many ups and downs.  Aside from the equipment itself being of high importance I think we often forget to thank the many doctors, nurses and counsellors that hold people up and pull families through some of the hardest and darkest times they will ever endure.  Having a close friend as a nurse, we know they often cry behind closed doors while being strong for others, cry on the way home from work, think non-stop about the families in their care, text the other nurses on shift to check on their patients and just to see “how their night was”…. we are so very lucky to have these people caring and rooting for the babies in the NICU. THANK YOU ALL for everything you do! Your continuous efforts of hard work and love have helped so many people.

The Z99 Radiothon just celebrated it’s 30th year where C.C., Lorie and Cassity stay up for 36 straight hours at the Cornwall Centre to raise money – a job well done once again guys! We are proud to have donated to this amazing cause and look forward to raising money again for the 31st annual! This years total raised was $721,192.00 – now that is amazing! Great job Saskatchewan! This money will be put towards the purchase of new equipment and some repair of the existing. On average there are about 21 babies that use the NICU daily and 600+ that need the NICU yearly.  It costs about $1700.00 per day to care for just ONE baby.  We need you to keep fundraising and keep spreading the word so we can keep saving babies lives!

Do you have any great fundraising ideas!? We would love to hear them!

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