2016 Business Dinner


Doesn’t it just feel good in your heart to give back? Provide peace in your soul knowing you made a difference in a person’s life?

We at Avana Homes have always believed 150% in giving back to the community we call home. All too often we as a society get so busy with everyday life that we take for granted all things we view as necessities and basic way of life. There’s always another angle – you just need to step back and take a look.

Each year we purchase a table at the Big Brothers of Regina Business Dinner and this year we also became a match sponsor!

Did you know that Big Brothers of Regina has been making a positive impact on the youth in our very own community since 1971!? This implementation of mentoring programs in and out of our schools has made such a bold impact and we are forever grateful. From the reduction of poverty and unemployment to the rise in successful young adults with nothing but ambition, courage and innovation – we salute the Big Brothers of Regina.

Simply Amazing how far the Big Brothers of Regina has come in the past few years and we are excited to watch them surpass future goals and be along side them witnessing it all happen.

Without this organization some young people would be lost.  The Big Brothers instill encouragement, hope and life into the youth of our community and are helping to form the future of generations to come.  Don’t you want to be a part of this movement? It’s pretty great.

At this year’s Business Dinner, we were fortunate to have had the chance to hear Frank O’Dea’s powerful story where he shared his journey through poverty and how the help of one single human can make a world of a difference without evening knowing it.

Tears filled the room as we listened to Michelle Ferris’ story and how the Big Brothers of Regina organization has directly impacted her family in such a positive way.  You may think you won’t be able to help that much or your donation won’t make a difference… but it will and it does. We encourage you to jump on board and help in any way you can!

There is no limit and no amount that is too small.  These types of organizations are helping to guide our future and without them all hope would be lost.

Have you ever attended a Business Dinner with the Big Brothers of Regina? If not, we highly recommend you do! You can find all of the information listed on their website here!

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